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Statement on Pink Dot, 25 Jun 2014

National Council of Churches of Singapore 

Public Statement  (For immediate Release)

25 June 2014

The current discourse on LGBT prompted by the intention of the LGBT community to hold a Pink Dot picnic on 28 June 2014 has generated strong reactions among Singaporeans, including Christians.

In the interest of clearing up the matter concerning human sexuality for members of the Christian public who may be confused, the NCCS would like to reiterate the Christian view that homosexual or bi-sexual practices are contrary to the teaching of the Bible. The Council holds that the only sexual relationship sanctioned by God and given as a gift from God is that between a male and a female within the bounds of a monogamous marriage.

The Council also wishes to state that while it does not condone homosexual or bi-sexual practices, it also does not condemn those who are struggling with their gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Council therefore urges members of the Christian community to always act with grace and restraint should they engage with the LGBT community over the coming event.

Issued by

REVD DR WEE BOON HUP                    LIM K THAM
President                                                  General Secretary

National Day Thanksgiving Service 2014

14 August 2014
Venue : St Andrew’s Cathedral

The Service for 2014 was held on Thursday 14 August at 7.45pm at the St Andrew’s Cathedral. The Bishop Dr Wee Boon Hup, President of NCCS & Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore was the speaker. The message was on “ Arise O Lord!” taken from Psalm 9: 19.

GC/AGM Meetings, 29 April 2014

Venue: St Andrew’s Cathedral

●  Highlights of 4th GC meeting at 5pm

Welcoming  new members to NCCS membership:
Abundant Life Baptist Church as Congregational member and
Alpha Singapore as Associate member.

●  Highlights of 40th AGM meeting at 6pm

1.  Elected new office bearers to the Council for term 2014-2016:
a)   President :         Rev. Dr. Wee Boon Hup
b)   Vice President:  Bishop Terry Kee Buck Hwa
c)   Vice President:  Bishop Rennis Solomon Mohanrajkumar
s/o Ponniah
d)   Vice President:  Rt. Rev. Leow Khee Fatt
e)   Hon Treasurer:  Mr Chan Fook Kay

2.   Dates of General Committee meetings for 2014/2015:
(i)   1st GC meeting: 17 July 2014 (South Transept Hall, SAC)
(ii)  2nd GC meeting: 16 Oct 2014 (South Transept Hall, SAC)

3.   3rd GC meeting: 15 January 2015 (Prayer Hall A-C, SAC)

4.   4th GC &AGM meetings: 23 April 2015 (Prayer Hall A-C, SAC)