Harmony Games 2015

Harmony Games 2015
Organised by : Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore
Saturday: 7 Feb 2015
Time : 9:00 a.m. – 3:00p.m.

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Statement to the Press regarding CHC Police Case 26 June 2012

National Council of Churches of Singapore
Public Statement
(For immediate Release)

Statement to the Press regarding CHC Police Case
26 June 2012

Greetings from NCCS!

The following is the statement released by Bishop Terry Kee, President of NCCS.

The National Council of Singapore is saddened to hear of the arrest of Pastor Kong Hee and four other individuals connected with the City Harvest Church for alleged criminal breach of trust and falsification of accounts of the said church.

We appreciate the clarification by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affair that the charges filed by CAD are against the five individuals and not the City Harvest Church (CHC) itself.

Members of the Christian community are united in disapproving any misuse of public or institutional funds, including money raised by or given to churches. Dishonesty in financial matters is clearly contrary to the teaching of the church.

As this is now before the court, it is important that we avoid speculation or pre- judgement into this matter and allow the legal process to take its course.

We call upon the Christian community to pray for every person connected to City Harvest Church that they may not lose faith in God who loves them and promises to be with them through it all , as they go through this difficult time.

We also seek the understanding of fellow Singaporeans not to react against the church or churches in Singapore.



Through the office of

Elder Richard Chong
Executive Secretary
National Council of Churches of Singapore
B1-27 The Adelphi,
1 Coleman Street ,Singapore 179803
Tel: 63368177 Fax: 63368178
Email: richard@nccs.org.sg

Statement on the Articles of FHM March 2012 Issue – 2 March 2012

National Council of Churches of Singapore
Public Statement
(For immediate Release)


2 March 2012

 We refer to two articles: “Which of These Celebs Might Secretly be Jesus?” and “Jesus 2.0: What Can We Expect?” published in the March issue of FHM magazine in Singapore.

 We find the articles highly objectionable and deplorable as they make fun of the Lord Jesus Christ who is worshipped by Christians. These articles appear during the holy season of Lent when Christians remember the sufferings and sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and they cause serious offence and hurt the sensitivities of the Christian community. We request the authorities to look into the matter and ensure that the objectionable material is removed, and that the gross disrespect against any religions and its religious figures who are held sacred by a religious community, such as in this instance, is not repeated. Such offensive articles threaten the religious harmony that we work so hard to build and maintain.

 It has become fashionable to depict religions through the media and films in ways that are offensive to religious communities, and the outcome can only be increased ill-will and hostility. Our society must be on guard against such trends.

 It cannot be right, under any circumstances, to grossly offend the sensitivity of any religious group.

 We urge Christians to focus on the observations of Lent and to pray, like Jesus, for those who offend and hurt.

National Council of Churches of Singapore

National Council of Churches of Singapore

Statement on the Intention by Pastor Terry Jones to burn the Koran – 9 September 2010

National Council of Churches of Singapore
Public Statement
(For immediate Release)

9 September 2010

We in the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) join Christians around the world in deploring the intention of Pastor Terry Jones of Dove Outreach Centre in the United States to burn copies of the Koran. This act would be both offensive and hurtful to Muslims around the world and in Singapore. Such an act would be unchristian and a departure from the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ who tells His followers to love their neighbours and pray for all, including those who hate them, and to live in peace with all.

We pray that Terry Jones will recognise the error of his ways.

Provocative acts such as the burning of sacred texts of religious communities achieve nothing except to fan further hostility and violence. The various religious communities in Singapore have worked hard to create harmony, and mutual respect and understanding. We should not let what happens elsewhere affect our friendship and peace. We hope all of us will work harder to overcome religious extremism and gross disrespect of religions in all their forms.

Issued by

Bishop Dr Robert Solomon, President, NCCS
Lim Kay Tham, General Secretary