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Welcome to the National Council of Churches of Singapore
“… one body in Christ.”   Romans 12:5

We welcome you to the website of the National Council of Churches of Singapore (NCCS) and trust that the information provided will be helpful.

The NCCS is a voluntary fellowship of churches embracing all denominations and church traditions, including independent churches, large and small. We gather as the body of Christ to express the love of God by seeking common ground for ministry and service in society.

Over the years, NCCS has been facilitating healthy working relationships among churches and continues to consolidate Christian views and responses to major issues in the public square.  This includes representing churches who have not yet joined its membership.

Singapore Christians are mindful that they live in a multi-racial and multi-faith society. While we worship and share our faith freely, we also need to be respectful of others who choose different faiths. We are encouraged that member churches have been active in their social and national responsibilities and are committed to inter-religious harmony. Together with people of other faiths, NCCS continues to contribute to peace building and harmony in our nation.



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