In Response To Comments by Pastor Rony Tan, 9 February 2010

National Council of Churches of Singapore
Public Statement
(For immediate Release)


9 February 2010

Some of Pastor Rony Tan’s comments were insensitive and offensive to followers of the Buddhist and Taoist faiths. We are glad he has made a public apology, and has promised that such insensitivity will never happen again.

We support the statement made by the Ministry of Home Affairs to Pastor Tan that “he must not run down other religions, and must be mindful of the sensitivities of other religions.” In a guide on inter-religious relations issued to our member churches in 2008, the Council had advised Christians that as they carry out evangelism in a multi-religious society they are “not to denounce other religions” and that they “should always be respectful of the beliefs of others, careful not to create or sow ill-will.”

The Council is committed to continue its efforts in promoting religious understanding and respect while we go about practising and sharing about our Christian faith. We trust that Christian groups that are not our members will also share our values.

Most Rev Dr John Chew, President, NCCS
Lim K Tham, General Secretary, NCCS

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